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Birmingham Snowpocalypse
January 28, 2014, 6:00PM
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The aftermath on the roads around birmingham is unreal. Cars everywhere, all over the roads. #alwx Melissa Y. Kim
2 hours later. I have left the parking deck. And travelled half a block. And now realize Alabama code 58-4x sub chapter 6-j allows you to ignore traffic signals & common courtesy in snow events. #birmingham #alwx #snowmageddon kevinstorr
On the first part of my journey I met a fly w/a buzz. Oh wait. Wrong journey. 11 a.m. Laughing at people stuck on Univ Blvd. #uab #birmingham #alwx #snowmageddon #instagrambham kevinstorr
Cars that have slid off of Overton Road and into the Coosa River. Via @myfoxal #alwx #Snowpocalypse2014 Stan Way
Omg at all these abandoned cars by shops of grand river Out trying to help some people out!! #Snowmageddon @spann Kayla Sanford
@spann @abc3340 The hill going up Hugh Daniel Drive. Total ice with abandoned cars. Wow!” Justin Craft
@Fox6Traffic Thanks to the guy on the atv that came out of nowhere and drove us home. Nakia Reese
@spann Current view of 65 S from my hotel in Homewood off Lakeshore #gridlock2014 SouthernMiss#11 Mom
#alwx don't come up Columbiana Josh Waits
As Neko Case once said, "Snowy Birmingham is Sexy Birmingham." @ Downtown Birmingham Lauren McCurdy
@spann Hwy 31 at Brookeood Hospital is virtually impassable. Many sheltered at YMCA Jonathan Blount
Abandoned cars on US 31-N by Brookwood Hospital. #alwx #bhm #snowmaggedon2014 Joel Gee
@spann this is from my daughter in Cuba, Al this morning John C. Fleming
Birmingham, #Alabama #alwx Bama Goodwin
An example of the dangers of trees falling from the weight of ice. EMC has been contacted to repair the lines. #ice #alwx #gulfshorespd Gulf Shores Police
The final #snowfall measurement here at our house. A little over an inch. #alwx #snow #snowinthesouth Lacy
@spann Moutain View Drive in Vestavia. All cars are abandoned Adam Loudermilk
That's two inches of pure ice here in Pell City. The owner of the Pell City Steak House brought me cheese and crackers and a giant thermos of coffee this morning (I told him I wasn't old enough to drink that stuff). Some traffic has started moving on Hwy. 231 but the local police have told me to stay put. So here I am warm and safe. If anyone wants to share my cheese, crackers, some Jimmy Dean breakfast croissants, or Kit Kats, please feel free to come by and charge your phone too. #alwx #Snowpocalypse2014 Stan Way
So close, yet so far. All roads around our house are closed. #alwx Dennis Washington
Wintry mix covers McGill- Toolen practice field. #alwx #mobwx
The Roads of downtown Birmingham yesterday. #alwx Jonathan Watts
150 everybody #Snowmageddon @spann Ethan Butler
@FOX6Traffic Alford Ave gauntlet yesterday around 3pm, I-65S Kyle McCafferty
@spann @abc3340 @Alabamas13 @CBS42 @myfoxal @AlabamaTonight Good Morning from a snowed in #RegionsField Birmingham Barons
The Roads of downtown Birmingham yesterday. #alwx Jonathan Watts
@FOX6Traffic Dug Hollow Rd Lora Whitehead
Cahaba River Road is impassable. #alwx Rick Stawarz
Orange Beach Exprssway iced over/closed. I asked my fingers & yes, that's the first time I've typed that. h/t @spann Josh Johnson
.@spann Columbiana rd at 9:40 this morning. Jason