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Birmingham Snowpocalypse
January 28, 2014, 6:00PM
215 photos and videos
The aftermath on the roads around birmingham is unreal. Cars everywhere, all over the roads. #alwx Melissa Y. Kim
2 hours later. I have left the parking deck. And travelled half a block. And now realize Alabama code 58-4x sub chapter 6-j allows you to ignore traffic signals & common courtesy in snow events. #birmingham #alwx #snowmageddon kevinstorr
On the first part of my journey I met a fly w/a buzz. Oh wait. Wrong journey. 11 a.m. Laughing at people stuck on Univ Blvd. #uab #birmingham #alwx #snowmageddon #instagrambham kevinstorr
Cars that have slid off of Overton Road and into the Coosa River. Via @myfoxal #alwx #Snowpocalypse2014 Stan Way
Omg at all these abandoned cars by shops of grand river Out trying to help some people out!! #Snowmageddon @spann Kayla Sanford
@Fox6Traffic Thanks to the guy on the atv that came out of nowhere and drove us home. Nakia Reese
@spann Current view of 65 S from my hotel in Homewood off Lakeshore #gridlock2014 SouthernMiss#11 Mom
#alwx don't come up Columbiana Josh Waits
@spann @abc3340 The hill going up Hugh Daniel Drive. Total ice with abandoned cars. Wow!” Justin Craft
As Neko Case once said, "Snowy Birmingham is Sexy Birmingham." @ Downtown Birmingham Lauren McCurdy
@spann Hwy 31 at Brookeood Hospital is virtually impassable. Many sheltered at YMCA Jonathan Blount
Abandoned cars on US 31-N by Brookwood Hospital. #alwx #bhm #snowmaggedon2014 Joel Gee
The final #snowfall measurement here at our house. A little over an inch. #alwx #snow #snowinthesouth Lacy
Wintry mix covers McGill- Toolen practice field. #alwx #mobwx
That's two inches of pure ice here in Pell City. The owner of the Pell City Steak House brought me cheese and crackers and a giant thermos of coffee this morning (I told him I wasn't old enough to drink that stuff). Some traffic has started moving on Hwy. 231 but the local police have told me to stay put. So here I am warm and safe. If anyone wants to share my cheese, crackers, some Jimmy Dean breakfast croissants, or Kit Kats, please feel free to come by and charge your phone too. #alwx #Snowpocalypse2014 Stan Way
Birmingham, #Alabama #alwx Bama Goodwin
@myfoxal @FOX6Traffic 280 459 overpass bamacrystal15
Downtown @tuscaloosacity at 5PM on what ordinarily would be a traffic filled Greensboro Ave. @Spann @tuscaloosanews @wvuatv #alwx Lt. Andy Norris
Orange Beach Exprssway iced over/closed. I asked my fingers & yes, that's the first time I've typed that. h/t @spann Josh Johnson
An example of the dangers of trees falling from the weight of ice. EMC has been contacted to repair the lines. #ice #alwx #gulfshorespd Gulf Shores Police
So close, yet so far. All roads around our house are closed. #alwx Dennis Washington
The Roads of downtown Birmingham yesterday. #alwx Jonathan Watts
@spann no one around out here except a couple of stragglers Reid Hogue
.@spann Columbiana rd at 9:40 this morning. Jason
@BrittonLynn this was in Pelham yesterday where the Home Depot employees were hand sanding the bridges. Trista
@spann this is from my daughter in Cuba, Al this morning John C. Fleming
150 everybody #Snowmageddon @spann Ethan Butler
@Fox6Traffic Thanks to all the guys out on atv's giving people rides home Nakia Reese
@FOX6Traffic Alford Ave gauntlet yesterday around 3pm, I-65S Kyle McCafferty
@spann @abc3340 The hill going up Hugh Daniel Drive. Total ice with abandoned cars. Jenny Merrill